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Karate Instructors, Derby, Northampton, Somerset

Alan Bethell, Northampton senior karate Instructor

Sensei Alan Bethell

5th dan black belt

Senior Instructor Northampton

I have been training in Shotokan Karate since 1993 when I joined in with a lesson that my eldest son attended, two more of my children followed in our footsteps and now my Grandson has just started on that journey. I became an Instructor fourteen years ago and passing knowledge on to both children and adults I find is the most fulfilling aspect of running my clubs. I enjoy all areas of Karate but personally enjoy Kata and the application of that discipline the most. I continue to strive to increase my knowledge along the way.

Chris Bethell, Derby senior karate Instructor

Sensei Chris Bethell 

4th dan black belt

Senior Instructor Derby

ASKC Secretary

I have been training in shotokan karate for around twenty years, and coaching karate for about eight. I enjoy all aspects of karate, but my favourites are the freestyle (sparring) and karate weapons (especially nunchucks!). 

I have a degree in sport and exercise with business management, and have various sport coaching qulifications. I currently work as a sports coach in a Primary School. 

Kayleigh Branston, Somerset senior karate instructor

Sensei Kayleigh Branston

2nd dan black belt

Senior Instructor Somerset

I have been training in Traditional Shotokan Karate since the age of 7. I started my training with CFTS under Sensei Pete Calver.

I started teaching (as an assistant to start with) while I was training for my first black belt. In the beginning it was only in one after school club and soon after in a second.

In 2008 I decided to take a break from my training to travel to China to study Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu for just over 2 months.

In 2009 I became a first Dan black belt. In 2010 I moved from my house in Northamptonshire to Somerset where I decided to set up my own branch of ASKC.

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